Welcome to the Historical Consultancy 30-45,
a unique advice service about ife in the first half of the 20th century and especially the years
1930 – 1945.

For years we have been researching daily life before and during the Second World war, not just gathering information but also interviewing eye witnesses and recreating certain aspects of history to gain a unique insight into that era.

We can help you with anything related to the years 1900–1950 and although we are specialized in Dutch history we also have researchers and specialists all over the world who can help you with British, American and German subjects.

We answer questions, do research, make reproductions, provide actors in vintage clothing, organise events, set up displays and much more.

Because our people are specialized in certain subjects we can help you much faster and more detailed. Instead of having to research a subject thats new to us, in most cases we already know the answer before we even have to open a book.

Evert op weg naar zijn werkWe have a lot of experience working for very different people, we understand that sometimes the best isn't good enough and every detail has to be 100% authentic.
But we also understand that sometimes the production is on a budget and that spending too much time and attention on little things isnt possible or necessary.
We can give you eaxctly the level of authenticity you want.

We help authors, film & tv companies, museums, schools, documentary makers, designers, theater productions and many more.
But we have also helped individuals trying to find out more about their family history or who want to track down that song their parents first danced to.

You have guessed it, as long as it is in some way related to the first half of the 20th century, we can help you with your project. Have a look at who we have already been helping to see what we can do.

Look around our site, don't hesitate to contact us and make sure to bookmark this site! If you are going to do anything even remotely related to the years 1900 – 1950, contacting us is a great first step!

Picture from a 1945 guide for Allied soldiers about the Netherlands and its people